La Chatelaine is a Senior Secondary school or as we prefer to call ourselves a "Junior College". It is a one stop schooling concept. We run classes from UKG level to XII standard. If a child enters the school at the age of two years, he or she can spend the next fourteen years in our convivial environs, stepping out as a well equipped youngster, ready for whatever the world throws at him or her, prepared for the start of higher academic journey..


Situated at No 1, Arcot Road, Valasaravakkam, Chennai 87 in the western suburbs of the metropolis.La Chatelaine is built on about 100 grounds on the highway, Arcot Road connecting the city of Chennai with Western Tamilnadu and beyond


A school is its students. At the conscious sub conscious super conscious and extra conscious levels too there is nothing to a school except its students. Teachers, staff, faculty and infrastructure are just limbs that serve the soul, that is students. This is the core philosophy of La Chatelaine and once such a formulation is made, the rest is easy. La Chatelaine is a place where the children are respected,their rights recognised,their individual achievements indulged in, their basic comforts catered to, where the children are taught to reach their personal best without being aggressively competitive, where no invidious comparisions are made between students but every one is encouraged to recognise the genius in themselves, where the children make friends through their good manners,are pious without being begotted, where they are made to absorb ethical and moral values not as dogmas but as a way of life. We believe that in basic human traits the children are far, far superior to grown-ups: Catholic in their choices, accomodative in their approach, adjustable, adaptive and mostly non-demanding; their minds too full of wonder, enquiry and questions to bother about adults' lives. La Chatelaine cherishes its children as they are the most precious of God's creation. La Chatelaine believes that when some students deviate, it is almost always due to misdirection or lack of direction from the adults in their lives and the observation is always reversible, if only we have the patience and perseverance.